Fra’ Sole in the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The sustainability project of the Sacred Convent of Assisi has been included by the European Union in the “Good Practices” section

The development of Fra’ Sole – Sustainability project for the Sacred Convent of Assisi – continues; and thanks to the collaboration between the most important companies of the Circular Economy with the major ones of Italian Ethical Finance, aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the Monumental Complex until it will be completely decarbonised.

The main activities concern the management of water and energy resources, the optimization of differentiated collections, starting from the reduction of waste. The next steps will cover the theme of mobility and the environmental impact of the millions of pilgrims who visit the Tomb of St. Francis.

The project has been included in the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform: a platform promoted by the European Union, through the joint initiative by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, which aims to enhance the Circular Economy by giving visibility to sustainable projects and thus promoting the exchange of good practices, knowledge and strategies.

A platform that facilitates the interaction between different realities so that the circular economic system progresses, to the benefit of all.

After an evaluation carried out by the European bodies entrusted with the management of the platform, Fra’ Sole has been included in the “Good Practices” section which, as the introduction to the page states, “includes relevant practices, innovative processes and ‘learning from experience’ examples”.

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