Data Protection and Cookie Policy

Dear User,
on this page you will find the information regarding how your personal data are managed on our website.
This information is provided not only in order to comply with the legal obligations governing personal data protection set forth in EU Regulation no. 2016/679 the “Regulation”), but also because we believe that protecting your personal data is a fundamental value of our activity, so we wish to provide you with all the information that may help you to safeguard your privacy and control how your data are used in relation to your use of our website.


In compliance with EU Reg. no. 2016/679 (GDPR) as amended, we are pleased to provide you with the required information regarding the processing of your personal data.
This disclosure is not to be considered valid for any other websites that may be consulted via links present on websites pertaining to the data controller, who may not be held in any way liable for the websites of third parties.
This disclosure is provided pursuant to art. 13 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation), and is also inspired by the provisions of Directive no. 2002/58/CE, as updated by Directive no. 2009/136/CE, regarding cookies, and by the provisions set forth in the Measure of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 08/05/2014 regarding cookies.
Users/visitors must carefully read this Data Protection Policy before sending any type of personal information and/or filling in any electronic form present on the website

1. Data Subjects
The Data Controller, pursuant to arts. 4 and 24 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679, is:

Vicolo Macello, 8
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
P.IVA 03678470240

2. Purposes and lawfulness of processing
The data of a personal nature provided will be processed in observance of the conditions of lawfulness set forth in art. 6 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679, for the following purposes:
a) Management of data processing regarding (art. 6 lett. b):
– the use of this website. As part of their normal operations, the IT systems and software procedures used for the functioning of this website acquire some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet protocols. By its very nature, this information, if associated and processed with data held by third parties, could make it possible to identify users/visitors (for example, IP addresses, domain names of computers, etc.).
These data are used only for information of a statistical nature (therefore anonymously) and to check the website is functioning correctly, and they are deleted immediately after processing.
– any data collection forms filled out for the purpose of sending an information request to the data controller. When users/visitors to the website send their personal data in order to access particular services, or to send requests via e-mail, the data controller acquires the sender’s address and/or other personal data, which are processed exclusively in order to respond to the request or to provide the service. The personal data provided by the users/visitors are transmitted to third parties only if this is necessary to meet the requests of said users/visitors;
– compliance with contractual or legal obligations and for administrative and accounting purposes, for the purpose of applying the personal data protection regulations

3. Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data
The data of a personal nature provided may be transmitted to recipients, appointed in accordance with art. 28 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679, who will process the data in their capacity as data processors and/or physical persons acting under the authority of the Data Controller and Data Supervisor, in order to comply with the terms of the contracts or for purposes related thereto. Specifically, the data may be transmitted to recipients belonging to the following categories:
– Subjects who provide services for the management of the IT system or communication networks of the Data Controller (including e-mail);
– Firms or companies that provide assistance and consulting services;
– Authorities in charge of compliance with legal obligations and/or provisions of public bodies, upon request.
The subjects belonging to the aforementioned categories act as data supervisors, or may operate entirely independently as separate data controllers.
The list of appointed data supervisors is constantly updated and is available from the office.

4. Transfer of data to a third country and/or an international organisation
The data of a personal nature provided will not be transferred abroad, within or outside of the European Union.

5. Period of storage and criteria
Data will be processed using automated using means and tools designed to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality, by subjects specifically entrusted with the task.
In compliance with the provisions of art. 5 para. 1 lett. e) of EU Reg. no. 2016/679, the personal data will be stored in such a way as to allow for the identification of the data subject for a period of time no longer than the time required to achieve the purpose for which the personal data are processed. To find out the criterias on which the storage period is based, write to the data controller

6. Nature of data provision and consequences of refusal to provide them
Apart from the cases specified for browsing data, users are free to provide or withhold their personal data in dedicated areas of the website.
The provision of personal data for the purposes set forth at point a) of this disclosure is necessary for performing the specific functions and using the services offered by the Data Controller, for example for receiving a reply to requests for information sent. Failure to provide personal data may make it impossible to obtain the service requested, or to use the services offered on the website.

7. Rights of the data subjects
Users may exercise their rights as set forth in arts. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679, by contacting the Data Controller.
Users are entitled, at any time, to ask the Data Controller for access to their personal data, and for the correction, deletion and restriction of the processing of said data.
In addition, users may, at any time, oppose the processing of their data (including automatic processing methods) and the portability of their data, without prejudice to any other administrative or legal action, if they believe that the processing of data regarding them is in breach of the provisions of EU Reg. no. 2016/679.
Users have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority for the protection of personal data, and, with reference to art. 6 paragraph 1, letter a) and art. 9, paragraph 2, letter a), they have the right to withdraw the consent provided at any time.
Any correction, deletion or restriction of processing carried out at the request of the data subject – except where impossible or requiring disproportionate effort – shall be notified by the company to each of the recipients the personal data were transmitted to. The company may notify the data subject of these recipients, if the data subject so requests.
If data portability is requested, the Data Controller shall provide you with the personal data pertaining to you in a common, structured, legible format, from an automatic device, without prejudice to paras. 3 and 4 of art. 20 of EU Reg. no. 2016/679.

8. Amendments
The Data Controller reserves the right to amend, update, add or remove parts of this disclosure, at any time and at his sole discretion. Data subjects must periodically check for any such changes. In order to facilitate this, the disclosure contains an indication of the most recent update. Browsing the website after the publication of the changes implies acceptance of the changes.


Our website uses cookies to guarantee the web pages are used correctly and to offer a better user experience. This policy provides information regarding the types of cookies used, why and how they are used, with reference to this website only.

What are cookies?
The Measure dated 8 May 2014 defines cookies as “small text files that the websites visited by a user send to the user’s terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored for retransmission to the same sites on the user’s next visit. While browsing a website, the user’s terminal may also receive cookies sent from other websites or web servers (“third-party” cookies), which may contain a number of elements (for example images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages in other domains) present on the website the user is visiting”.
Cookies may be used for a variety of purposes, such as for IT authentications, storing information regarding the configurations of the devices accessing the server, favourite websites, etc.
The various types of cookies that may be used are explained below

Types of cookies
While browsing a website, the user’s terminal may also receive cookies sent from other websites or web servers (“third-party” cookies), which may contain a number of elements present on the website the user is visiting. The following cookies may be present:
1. First-party cookies, sent directly from a website to the user’s device. This website does not use first-party profiling cookies, but only technical cookies (see below);
2. Third-party cookies, originating from a third party, but sent on our behalf. This website uses third-party cookies to facilitate analysis of our website and how it is used (as described below).
In addition, depending on the purposes for which cookies are used, they may be divided into:
1. Technical cookies: these are used to allow for the transmission of a communication on a communication network, or to provide a service specifically requested by the user. They are not used for any other purposes. Technical cookies, for which the user’s consent is not required, can be divided into:
a) Session cookies, which allow the user to use and browse the website normally (e.g. to log in and access reserved areas). The use of these cookies (which are not stored on the user’s device and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifications (composed of numbers randomly generated by the server) necessary to allow the user to browse the website safely and efficiently.
b) Analytics cookies, which are used only to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users visiting the website and how they visit it
c) Functional cookies, which allow the user to browse the website based on a series of selected criteria (such as chosen language or services subscribed to), in order to improve the service provided to the user.
2.Profiling cookies, the purpose of which is to create profiles regarding the user, which are used to send targeted promotional messages based on the preferences shown by the user while browsing the web. These cookies are used for these purposes only with the consent of the user.

How cookies are used by this website. The table below summarises how cookies are used by this website and by third parties. These uses include the use of cookies in order to:
1. continuously calculate the total number of visitors, as well as the types of browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) and operating systems (e.g. Windows or Macintosh) used;
2. monitor the performance of the website, including how visitors use it, and to improve its functions.
The categories of cookies we use and how users can manage them
The types of cookies used can be classified in one of the categories shown in the table below:

Type of cookie Purpose of cookie Origin and how to block it
Cookies essential for the website (session and browsing cookies) These cookies are essential for proper browsing of the website and for the use of its functions. These cookies do not collect any personal information that can be used for marketing purposes, and they do not keep track of the websites visited. The use of these cookies (which are not stored at length on the user’s device and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifications (composed of numbers randomly generated by the server) necessary to allow the user to browse the website safely and efficiently. This category of cookies cannot be deactivated. (cookie diretti)
First-party functional cookies These cookies allow the website to remember the choices made by the user (such as username, language or geographical position), and are used to improve and personalise the website functions. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymised, and they do not keep trace of browsing activity on other websites. This category of cookies cannot be deactivated. (first-party cookies)
Analytics cookies These cookies, like cache, are set by Google Analytics and are used to collect information on how visitors use the website, including the number of visitors, the sites they come from and the pages they visit on our website. We use this information to compile reports and to improve our website; this allows us, for instance, to take note of any errors reported by users and to guarantee them an immediate browsing experience, so they can find what they are looking for easily. In general, these cookies remain on the visitor’s computer until they are deleted.

Lastly, the Google Adwords/Doubleclick cookie is used to identify which keywords generate the highest number of clicks on Google and conversions to services requested. This tool indicates what happens after users click on an advertisement on Google, for example if they join a campaign. This information allows us to identify the most effective keywords for the activity. We do not use this cookie for profiling the data subject, but only in aggregate form, for statistical purposes.

In conclusion, third parties could use this information, and could combine it with other information already available to them, for purposes other than strictly technical purposes (functional or session), with the user’s consent. To find out more, click on the links to the data protection policies of the individual third parties and manage your options by following the links given in the column at the side, and/or set your browser as described below.

Google Analytics
privacy policy cookie

Google Adwords
privacy policy cookie

The website does not use profiling cookies.

First access banner
The banner that appears the first time you access the website, on the home page, provides summary indications on how to manage cookies on the website, with a link to the full data protection policy.
Users can express their consent for the use of cookies by using the “OK” button on the banner. This information on the user’s choice regarding cookie management is stored using a technical cookie for a period of 180 days.

How to disable cookies
Provided below are links to the main browsers, explaining how to change the choices made by the users regarding cookies the first time they visit the website.

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Because it is not possible to contact third parties directly, for further details, see the website, which contains information on cookies and advice on how to protect your privacy online.