“Verso un’economia circolare” (Towards a circular economy) award 2018

The Fra’ Sole Project, winner of the second national competition “Verso un’economia circolare” 2018

Brescia, 1 December 2018 – TheArtigianelli Institute in Brescia hosted the Round Table on the Circular Economy, the focus of which this year was a reflection on “The circular economy: economic models, lifestyles and sustainability”.

This opportunity for reflection, organised by Fondazione Cogeme Onlus and Kyoto Club, accompanied by Fondazione Cariplo, was followed by the award ceremony of the second edition of the national competition “VERSO UN’ECONOMIA CIRCOLARE”, an award aimed at companies that in the two-year period 2016-2018 have carried out, begun or approved and authorised studies and projects with a view to implementing processes to significantly reduce waste and to use resources carefully, with a view to sustainable development.

Our Fra’ Soleproject, which was proposed for the award bySisifo srl, the company coordinating the whole project, obtained first prize “for the importance of the message regarding environmental education and sustainability, the innovative nature of the project and the synergies established with the subjects involved (public-private partnership and memorandum of understanding with the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection) to support sustainable development.„.

The award, consisting of a plaque and a pedal-assisted bicycle made from recycled aluminium, was presented by Sonia Cantoni (member of the B.O.D. of Fondazione Cariplo) to Giuseppe Lanzi of Sisifo S.r.l., the coordinator of the project.

The award was given for the professional skills and competence of all the promotors and partners of the project, who will be working together over the next three years to make theMonumental Complex of the Sacred Convent of Assisi a model of sustainability and a place to provide environmental education to the millions of visitors who visit it each year.


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