Reorganisation has begun of the separate waste collection system in the Sacred Convent

Fra’ Sole: reorganisation under way of separate waste collection inside and outside of the Sacred Convent

Assisi – Actions continue to be developed to reduce the environmental impact of the monumental complex. With a view to boosting the efficiency of material flows, abandoning disposable plastic items in favour of washable items and of biodegradable, compostable, disposable items where necessary is now being followed up with areorganisation of the separate waste collection system.

The last few weeks have seen the placing of a total of 1000 sturdy cardboard containers of various sizes (40-50-60-70 cm) in the friars’ accommodation and in the offices, as well as 140 120-litre containers on wheels for intermediate waste collection in common areas such as the kitchen, the refectory and near the refreshment and food points.

To ensure proper, efficient waste collection, each type of waste can be clearly identified by the colour of the pertinent container and the written indication, enhanced with the graphics of the project.

The two aims of this reorganisation are:

  1. to rationalise the whole internal flow of waste, starting from the smallest areas and moving on to disposing of the complex’s waste outside the complex, using the dedicated containers provided by the company that handles waste collection locally;
  2. to significantly reduce the amount of unsorted waste produced and boost the other types.

The pursuit of this second objective is also evident in the choice of the sizes for the containers: in the individual collection points positioned in the smaller areas, the container for unsorted waste is always the smallest, indicating that it should be used as little as possibleI.

Thanks to the support of our partnerSartori Ambiente, who provided the containers, and our partner EcoComunicazione, who created the graphics featured on the containers, it has been possible to reorganise the separate waste collection not only inside the monumental complex of the Sacred Convent, but also at the Franciscanum, the convent in the town centre that hosts religious theology students.

This phase will be followed by the implementation on the part of the friars of the new internal waste management system and the specific training for both the religious community and the regular and occasional guests from all over the world.

Vertical signs will then be installed indicating the different types of waste collection containers available, and information material will be distributed to the accommodation areas to help the friars and guests separate waste correctly, as well as to inform pilgrims of the good practices implemented.

Some examples of the containers positioned:


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