Novamont for the monumental complex of Saint Francis of Assisi

The company from Novara will be providing its expertise in support of the Sustainability Project for the Monumental Complex of Saint Francis of Assisi

At the opening of the encounter “Terra alla Terra”, organised on Saturday 24 March by Sisifo at Fa’ la cosa giusta! in the MilanoCity Exhibition Centre, Novamont’s Giuseppe Lanzi invited the signatories of the memorandum of understanding of the SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT FOR THE MONUMENTAL COMPLEX OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI to offer some points for reflection to the audience of operators and the general public taking part.

Father Mauro Gambetti initiated the encounter by explaining that the aspiration is for the community of friars to boost a wider awareness of good practices in terms of sustainability.

Walter Ganapini explained that an immediate understanding was reached during the encounter with the community of the Sacred Convent, and that ARPA Umbria offered its services for this energy efficiency and resource management project.

Andrea Di Stefano offered a definition of Novamont’s corporate mission: knowledge, in the sense of research and innovation that must be placed at the service of sustainability. With this aim in mind, Di Stefano continued, Novamont has chosen to support the Sacred Convent project, in order to strengthen the process under way in Assisi with its expertise and experience, because it is aware of the huge potential it offers for spreading good practices, both at institutional level and among the millions of visitors that each year pass through these meaningful places.


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