Koinè 2019: Agorà Youth meeting in Loreto and Fra’ Sole project in Assisi: examples of taking care of Creation

The words of the elected Archbishop of Lucca, Mons. Paolo Giulietti, reported in Umbriaoggi.news

Vicenza – From 16 to 18 February, the Exhibition Centre in Vicenzahosted the 28th edition of the Koinè international trade fair, the most important event dedicated to the supply chain in the religious sector.

The event also offered an opportunity, thanks to some of the seminars and conventions organised, to highlight the importance of protecting our Planet. Of particular significance were the three encounters that featured the Fra’ Sole project.

The last of these three encounters, entitled “Individual and collective pilgrimage, a „place” to take care of Creation. From the Agorà youth meeting in Loreto to the Fra’ Sole project in Assisi” featured Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, elected Archbishop of Lucca, Giuseppe Lanzi, MD of Sisifo and coordinator of the Project, and Massimiliano Muggianu, Director of Sarvex.

Below is the article from www.umbriaoggi.news with an interview with Mons. Paolo Giulietti, and a few words from Giuseppe Lanzi:

VICENZA – Respect the environment. The Holy Father tells us to, and our civil conscience also should, if we want to leave a better world behind us, a world that is alive and healthy. This is an issue of paramount importance today, and one we perhaps never hear enough about. This morning, however, the issue was the object of ample, impassioned discussion, with practical examples of how we can help the planet become a better place. “The church must take the lead when it comes to safeguarding Creation, thus following the example set by Pope Francis with his encyclical Laudato Si’, dedicated to the care of our common home”, said Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, Auxiliary Bishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve and recently appointed Archbishop of the diocese of Lucca, during the convention “Individual and collective pilgrimage, a „place” to take care of Creation. From the Agorà youth meeting in Loreto to the Fra’ Sole project in Assisi”, which took place this morning, Monday 18 February, in the pavilions of Vicenza Exhibition Centre, during the Koinè international trade fair for the religious sector, which comprises religious buildings, sacred art and craft objects for religious services. “This is a period in which everyone who cares about the environment and the people who live in it must make an effort to take care of it, following the teachings in Genesis”, added the Bishop. “During this encounter”, Mons. Giulietti went on, “we spoke in particular about how the Christian community can follow the indications given”. “There have been two meaningful episodes in this sense”, he continued, mentioning “the 2007 event in Loreto, which attracted 500,000 young people, which was carefully planned so that the environmental impact of such a large meeting was reduced to a minimum; and a more recent sustainability project carried out by the Sacred Convent of Assisi, called ‘Fra Sole’, involving a whole series of actions designed to ensure that this large complex, which draws millions of pilgrims each year, has a low environmental impact”. During the convention, the main aspects of the Assisi were illustrated, and listeners were reminded that the success of the project very much depends on the “awareness and collaboration of each one of the friars called upon to be operators and ambassadors of it”, as was pointed out by Giuseppe Lanzi, MD of Sisifo and coordinator of the “Fra’ Sole” project. In conclusion, Monsignor Giulietti also emphasised that in order to defend Creation, we must not seek “cut-price” solutions, and that “in the medium to long term, serious investments of significant resources will be required”.


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