Banca Etica for the Fra’ Sole project

Assisi -On 6 November, during the official presentation of the Fra’ Sole project in the South Hall of Rimini Exhibition Centre, immediately following the inauguration of the Ecomondofair, Banca Etica GroupBanca Popolare Etica, Etica SGR, Fondazione Finanza Etica and – signed a partnership agreement in support of the project with fra’ Mauro Gambetti, Custodian of the Sacred Convent of Assisi.

Banca Etica Group decided to join the project because we believe it is a courageous example of ecological conversion: the social and environmental impacts expected – in line with Banca Etica’s values – are significant, and the renown of the Monumental Complex will offer an opportunity to illustrate a possible, effective way to turn environmental instability around for other religious and non-religious institutions.

The sharing of these values and objectives was the subject of the encounter held in the Sacred Convent between representatives of the Bank (Deputy General Manager, Commercial Manager for Central Italy and Manager of the Perugia branch) and of the Franciscan community (Custodian, Bursar and others): based on the terms of the partnership agreement signed, guidelines were set out for the implementation of the project, following which Banca Etica Group will contribute experience, know-how and financial instruments for the achievement of the objectives contemplated in the sustainability project for the Sacred Convent and to help divulge them as fully as possible, also through the media partnership with the communication platform


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