With ERG, new energy for the Fra’ Sole Project.

The partnership with the famous company from Liguria aids the decarbonisation process in the Franciscan monumental complex

The Fra’ SoleProject welcomes a new partner.
ERG, a leading producer of energy from renewable sources with an 80-year history in the field of energy, has joined the sustainability project for the Sacred Convent of Assisi, with the important role of energy partner.

Over the last ten years, ERG’s business has undergone a significant evolution: the company hassold off its assets connected to the Oil and & Gas industry, and has chosen to focus decisively on energy from renewable sources , becoming the market leader in the production of wind power in Italy, and one of the most important in the sector in Europe; it is also active in the hydroelectric and photovoltaic sectors.

This explains its decision to join the project, in order to implement the indications provided by the study on energy flows carried out by ARPA Umbria researchers, and to optimise energy resource management. “The question of’energy supplies – explains Giuseppe Lanzi, MD of Sisifo and coordinator of the project – has been one of the most important posed by the Community of Friars, right from the earliest stages of the project. It was an issue that could not be avoided, and with this new partner, we will be able to tackle it with greater confidence”. Lanzi’s words were echoed by Prof. Walter Ganapini, General Manager of ARPA Umbria and promotor of the Project: “I am happy that ERG, which is a unique example of a company that has made the transition from the oil sector to the production of energy from renewable resources, has joined a project of such importance as Fra’ Sole in Assisi”.

This is therefore a further step forward for the sustainability plan aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the Franciscan monumental complex, which – following on from the reorganisation of the separate waste collection system – is now seeking, thanks to this new partnership, to move towards the complete decarbonisation of the whole complex.

Please also remember that Fra’ Sole will have a stand at “Fa’ la cosa giusta! the Fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles taking placein Milan, from 8 to 10 March.

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