Umbra Acque S.p.A. was established on 14 December 2002, and since 01 January 2003 it has been tasked with providing the Integrated Water Supply Service. It currently serves ATI Integrated Water Supply Authority areas nos. 1 and 2 of the Umbria Region, which comprise 38 municipalities, including Assisi.

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On 14 December 2002, as a result of the process of aggregation of operators already present in the local area, Umbra Acque S.p.A. was established. Since 1 January 2003, it has been tasked with managing the Integrated water Supply Service in the 38 municipalities that fall within the Umbria no.1 Local Water Authority (A.T.O.) area.
In December 2008, in place of the previous 3 A.T.O. areas into which the Umbria Region was divided, the decision was taken to create 4 Integrated Water Authorities (A.T.I.); Umbra Acque today operates in A.T.I. no. 1 and no. 2. A.T.I. no. 1 comprises 14 municipalities: Città di Castello, Citerna, Costacciaro, Fossato di Vico, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio, Lisciano Niccone, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Montone, Pietralunga, San Giustino, Scheggia-Pascelupo, Sigillo and Umbertide, while A.T.I. no. 2 is made up of the 24 municipalities of Assisi, Bastia Umbra, Bettona, Cannara, Castiglione del Lago, Città della Pieve, Collazzone, Corciano, Deruta, Fratta Todina, Torgiano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Magione, Marsciano, Massa Martana, Monte Castello di Vibio, Paciano, Panicale, Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Perugia, Piegaro, San Venanzo, Todi and Valfabbrica.

In the 38 municipalities that make up the Integrated Water Authorities nos. 1 and 2, which cover a surface area of some 4300 square kilometres, Umbra Acque S.p.A. provides its services to a population of around 500,0000, with 230,000 water contracts. Every day, the Authority distributes an average of 90,000 cubic metres of water and purifies 140,000.
It uses and maintains around 7000 kilometres of aqueducts, 3500 kilometres of drains, 140 aqueduct stations and 161 purifying and sewerage stations, as well as managing 170 purification plants.
In order to provide the integrated water service, Umbra Acque takes care of the following: feasibility studies and planning of water and sewerage systems; construction, management and maintenance of water supply, sewerage and purification systems; customer relations activities for cost estimates, contracts, transfers and cancellations of contracts; new connections and activation of services; installation and removal of meters; meter readings; invoicing and issue of bills; call centre and complaint management; consulting after meter readings; monitoring an d identification of leaks; laboratory analyses; quality control; installation of water fountains in the local area.