Sarvex is a consulting company that provides services both to individual organisations, businesses and public administrations, and to networks of subjects, paying particular attention to the issues of sustainability and resilience.

It identifies and deploys strategies and resources designed to optimise and boost the efficiency of complex processes, from devising ideas to planning, organising and implementing them.

Website: Sarvex

Sarvex was established in 2014, with the aim of boosting business networks between the Sardinia and Veneto regions. The projects it has participated in as a technical partner have consolidated the company’s in-house skills in the following areas:

  • micro, small and medium business: budgeting, management control, project design and development, workflows, communication
  • organisation: fundraising, project design, communication
  • public administration: local intervention strategies, active awareness-raising campaigns, integration between the public and private sector for actions of social and environmental importance

Whether Sarvex is dealing with a single subject (business, organisation or public administration) or va network of subjects already organised or requiring organisation, the company offers consulting on strategies and tools for optimising complex processes, paying particular importance to their sustainability and resilience

In support of its consulting activities, Sarvex has developed a sales area dedicated to sustainable products, sold through a dedicated e-commerce website,