Sadesign specialises in devising, designing and producing eco-friendly corporate promotionalobjects and customised merchandising items designed to make a lasting impact.

The company produces top-quality designer promotional objects that boost brand awareness and transmit important corporate values such as sustainability, innovation and originality, managing the whole product development process from the creative concept through to delivery.

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Sadesign has for years now been producing and promoting customised, eco-friendly promotional objects, taking care of all stages of the production process: from the choice of the articles to the packaging and shipping methods.

The aim is to provide customers with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional promotional objects, making sure the items are sustainable from every point of view.

Lower environmental impact, better promotion for everyone! is the company’s motto, which – together with its professional expertise and lengthy experience in the world of creative merchandising – prompts Sadesign to keep seeking sustainable solutions for the environment every day.

Every year, the country distributes millions of corporate promotional items throughout Europe, and is aware of the contribution it is making to a sustainable future for the environment, for its customers and the people it works with.

For more than 25 years, here at Sadesign we’ve been striving to combine quality with functionality and creativity, seeking to meet the needs of our customers every day. For some years now, our mission has been to seek new solutions to keep on doing this, and at the same time to boost sustainability.

Sustainability is not an abstract concept; it’s a habit that needs to be cultivated daily. It regards the choices each of us makes and the lifestyles we adopt, but it’s more than this: above all, sustainability must regard the choices made by companies, who have a greater impact and a greater responsibility.

Being able to choose what we consume, and being able to vote with our money – and our time, and our attention – is a great thing. It’s the only way we can change things .”

Ethics, respect and excellence. These are the values Sadesign’s philosophy is founded on: an approach in which transparency, honesty and credibility are essential to guarantee not only impeccable products and service, but also a relationship based on mutual trust and solid cooperation.

An ethical way of doing business means cooperation and respect between the team and our customers, so we can work together towards a shared objective. This is another aspect of sustainability.