Polycart is a company that develops and produces sustainable, innovative packaging materials. As early as 1995, well ahead of market needs, it began experimenting with Mater-Bi®, a biodegradable, compostable material on the cutting edge of environmental protection. This experimentation allowed the company to fine-tune processes for the production of shoppers, bags and shoppers on rolls, stacked punched-out handle bags and open-mouth bags and other sustainable solutions to which on-going research and development efforts are dedicated.

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In 1997, Giampiero Bianconi, Alfredo Fantucci, Giuseppe Bianchi and Adriano Volpi founded Polycart, immediately specialising in the production of extruded polyethylene film.

In 1995, it was among the first companies to begin experimenting with the new product patented by Novamont S.p.A.: Mater-Bi®, a cutting-edge material in terms of protecting the environment. Research into this material has led to innovative biodegradable, compostable packaging solutions compatible with the European UNI EN 13432 standard, and the resulting range of products was made based on environmental protection criteria.

In 2007, it became part of GPT srl (Gruppo Poligrafico Tiberino), one of the first business networks set up to generate information and knowledge sharing processes in close collaboration with the University. This network allowed for the devising and development of the Compost Label® and “Biomade” product range.

Compost Label® is an innovative range of biodegradable, compostable adhesive products that offers a solution to the problem of the production and disposal of labels, guaranteeing the same performance as the products traditionally used while fully embracing the philosophy of life cycle management and ecosustainability.

Polycart intends to continue investing with a view to perfecting production processes and in order to devise and develop sustainable products in as-yet uncharted areas. All Polycart products have TUV and CIC certification, attesting to compostability and issued only after thorough verification and testing conducted by independent laboratories.