Novamont is an industrial company that develops bioplastics and biochemicals by installing biorefineries integrated into the local area and providing low-environmental-impact application solutions, designed to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable throughout their life cycle and at the end-of-life stage.

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Novamont was founded in 1989 to implement the ambitious project of a number of researchers from the Montedison School of Materials Science: to implement a project able to integrate chemistry, the environment and agriculture. The conviction underlying the project was the need for a transition from a product economy to a system economy, able to take account of all the elements and actors linked to the various production segments, including external elements linked to social and environmental impacts.

Novamont has today achieved a leadership position at international level in the bioplastics and biochemicals sector, thanks to this integration between chemistry and agriculture that originally inspired the project, and to the installation of biorefineries integrated into the local area (sometimes as part of work for the redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites), as well as the creation of application solutions able to generate social, economic and environmental value throughout their life cycle, reducing the dispersal of energy and materials to a minimum and moving towards a preservative circular economy model.

Over the years, Novamont has developed a series of proprietary technologies that have witnessed interaction between the various areas of study (bioplastics, biotechnology, agronomy and organic chemistry). In addition, in the research centres located in Novara, Piana di Monte Verna and Terni, research and development is on-going for the creation of new plants and to identify innovative technologies able to broaden the sustainability offer that has been available until now.