The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, also known by the acronym MiBACT, is the ministry of the Government of the Italian Republic tasked with the protection of culture and the performing arts and with the conservation of artistic and cultural heritage and the landscape.

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Environment was established by Giovanni Spadolini in 1974, with the task of entrusting the management of cultural heritage and the environment specifically to a single Ministry created for the purpose, with the aim of guaranteeing the systematic protection of interests of primary importance at domestic and national level.

The organisational structure of the ministry is rather complex, and numerous changes have been made to it. It has offices that work directly with the minister, as well as its own ministerial offices, both central and peripheral.

The Superior Council for Cultural and Landscape Heritage and the Superior Council for the Cinema and Audiovisual Sector operate at the Ministry, playing a technical and scientific consulting role for matters regarding, respectively, cultural and landscape heritage and the cinema and audiovisual sector.

Also operative are seven technical and scientific committees dealing with the protection of particular facilities and areas, such as museums and the cultural economy, landscape, archaeology, libraries and cultural institutes, archives, contemporary art and architecture and the fine arts.