In the Euro-Mediterranean area, Ecomondo is the benchmark event for all operators in the green and circular economy.

Its importance is now universally recognised worldwide as an opportunity to find out about trends and technological innovation and to exchange ideas with leading companies in the sector.

The collaboration with institutions, business associations, research bodies, the European Commission and the OECD allows the event to examine emerging issues regarding the environment and the overall sustainability of Man’s impact on Nature.

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In the Euro-Mediterranean area, Ecomondo is recognised as the benchmark fair for the green and circular economy, gathering all the areas of the sector – from the recovery of material and energy to sustainable development – into a single platform.

Italy is one of the top countries in Europe with regard to the green and circular economy, energy efficiency spending, waste recycling waste and resource productivity. This allows Ecomondo to attract leading companies in the sector interested in exchanging ideas on development and technological innovation in and for the sector.

The 2018 edition will focus closely on the new regulatory, research and training priorities with regard to the circular economy, new processes – including 4.0 processes – and products linked to its adoption in industry, in cities and in the various areas.

Critical areas and opportunities with regard to the reuse and optimisation of the main types of technical and organic waste (including waste water), alternative raw materials and industrial ecodesign, decontamination and redevelopment of polluted areas, including marine areas, and the bioeconomy: Ecomondo will be dealing with all these themes, thanks to the collaboration with institutions, industrial associations, research bodies, the European Commission and the OECD.

Taking place alongside Ecomondo will be Key Energy  “Energy transition hub”, the fair focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and applications.