Periodic installation of panels in the Lower Square

Current situation: the Convent has mobile supports that can be used. They are undergoing a complete re-examination.

Under study: Both mobile and permanent installations, for constant dissemination of the project


A plan is under study for the posting of notices in the spaces available in the town centre of Assisi, with the collaboration of the Town Council.



The project will be presented during the most important fairs in the sustainability sector, such as:

  • Fa’ la cosa giusta! – Umbria 2018
  •  Ecomondo – Rimini 2018

Specialised magazines

A plan is under study for scheduled periodic publications regarding the project, in magazines including:

  • Internazionale
  • Eco delle città
  • La Nuova Ecologia
  • San Francesco Patrono d’Italia
  • Valori


Welcoming guests, pilgrims and young people

  • Use of the pilgrim KIT
  • Preparation ofinformation flyers on safeguarding the environment
  • Preparation of information material for the accommodation facilities


Creation of the Franciscanum Sustainability Point (FSP) in Via Fortini, the road that runs from the Sacred Convent to the Town Hall and is walked by the vast majority of the over seven million pilgrims who visit Assisi every years.
Under studyeco-layout of the interiors, educational and informational display material (video, print, etc.), project info point with information and promotional objects linked to the project, with staff trained for dealing with visitors


Report and regulations

Drafting and publishing of final report – case study
As soon as the supplementary material is available from the Sacred Convent on the specific issues of waste collection (number of containers installed for the friars’ rooms and the guest rooms), energy (technical office) and water flows, an overall report will be drafted.

Drafting and publication of guidelines
Drafting of a set of guidelines for environmental sustainability in situations comparable to the one analysed in the Sacred Convent