Areas of intervention

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Material flows

Positioning of new, more suitable containers

  • External use
  • Internal use accommodation and common areas
  • Internal use utility areas

Material flows

Containers in areas on the edges of the complex

Need to plan for collection points for the various types of waste, in harmony with the location (Upper and Lower Square)

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Material flows

Automatic distributors and coffee points

  • Compostable capsules
  • Compostable, recyclable, disposable cups
  • Tap water distributors
  • Waste containers for compostable cups

Organic waste

Study and implementation of a solutionfor the recovery of organic waste so the compost can be used for the land of the convent or the local area: food waste, clearing of the forest, clearing of the wood of Assisi



Current situation: tanks available for rainwater collection

Under study: adjustment and implementation of tanks present

Purchase of cleaning products for personal care and outdoor and indoor use

Current situation: wholesale purchase of standard products available on the market

Under study: supplies of eco-compatible products


Energy flows

Current situation: UNI PG has conducted a study on the energy efficiency of the monumental complex. According to the Italian energy performance classification system APE, it is in class A2.

Under studyis a trigeneration plant that would allow for improvements in: electrical energy consumption, cooling, heating and domestic hot water